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Lori Hamasaki   

Hello! Nice to meet you!

I'm an SVA 2001 grad with a BA in animation.

I have 20 years professional NYC experience in animation, both for network TV (Nickelodeon Promos dept) and online (advertising videos as web content).  I can draw, I can use the C4d, and Realflow. Some would say that i'm a jack-of-all-trades, but I'm more like a polymath with "jedi skills" in Aftereffects and puppet character animation.   My skills compliment each-other in my motion design career. Outside of my career, I have made independent award-winning animated films, that have screened worldwide. So la-de-da.  
I do the the 360 motion graphics, the on-screen text, the video retouching/roto, VFX, problem solving, and creative direction. I'm older, so I can do things without plug-ins (although i love using plug-ins and scripts).I've burned and dodged prints in a darkroom, painted mattes on cels with backlight using the master-oxberry double exposure to make a simple glow effect. I walked to school uphill. I am 75 years old. Technical skills and stories aside, I have common sense about advertising, collaboration, and deadlines.   

My current interest is in motion design for fashion.   I've also being sewing alot of tops from fabric, so it's something I think about anyway.

Please feel free to contact me if you need a do-er in your next project. I work both onsite in Manhattan as well as my  home studio.