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Steps to better money management

How to know if you need to file a tax return
Reality check: Cost of living
How to know if you need to file a tax return
Your conversation with a credit counselor
Ways to save money on your monthly bills
The effect of time on your retirement account
Using your VA loan benefit after the military


I tried to pack in a year's worth of work into this reel.
Each month, Nick Jr. had a theme with 15 accompanying 25 second animations. These were created in the same time frame.
I animated about 96% these illustrations. 
To fill up the year, there needed to be 180 words each with their own animation.  I lived and breathed this project for just over a year and it was rad.
All 180+ words illustrated by Iain Burke.

I worked as a character animator during season 1 and season 2. I made a reel of some clips I found.

Here's a full project for some hand-drawn animation I did at Curious:

I animated this at Little Airplane Productions

I created the pencil test animation for the colorists at MaGik Studio to finalize.

I conceptualized, designed in photoshop and animated in aftereffects.

I puppeted the acting in AfterEffects for the first 50% of this ad at Transistor Studio.

HOWCAST for kids  "Phonics Song"
I designed and animated to the provided song.