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On-Air promos 2014

On-Air promos 2014

Designer, animator, both AE and C4D Client: Nickelodeon Studio: Nickelodeon on site 2013-14 Here is a few of the projects I worked on. Please refer to timestamp list for my role in production 0:02 EBOY provided Nick with photoshop art. I composited this Network ID and made necessary layers to characters that needed animation. 0:07 Nick jr letters animation- I was just goofin around, I'm glad they liked it! 0:09 Animated a pattern color transition for the C4D background Cyclorama/ composited in AE 0:12 Created ICE AGE logo from scratch, animated and composited 0:15 Created composition in AE using existed animated elements, also added shadows to "You" and animated write on animation 0:18 This is type layout and composition on my part. 0:21 embedded "ALL TIME" c4d design into ICE AGE movie clip 0:23 Director asked me to make a franken-instrument, I had fun in C4D- set up project in AE for reuse 0:30 Layout & compositing/ C4D elements 0:35 modeled baseball from scratch, animation/lighting/C4D text 0:30 Picked out pictures and cut up to create this 2D animation in AE- designed underwater nick logo 0:45 modeling: added screws and pull-tabs and lightning bolt, logo, basically finished modeling this mailbox, added texture- fence- animating bolt swinging- didn't do the sweet camera move, tho 0:47 composited 5 screens with 2 min loops, making sure they worked together in all stages of independent images. This was for Toys'R'Us times square 0:53 I wish I could take credit for modeling the defibrillator. I can't. I did lighting/shadows, compositing, and generated endtag type from C4D 0:58 animated everything from Illustrator file 1:01 Made a scene look like Labor Day by adding Hawaiian shirt textile to couch, adding BBQ- did the rest of the endtags 1:03 Picked out pictures and cut up to create this 2D animation in AE- designed dress-up nick logo 1:09 Came up with idea to have Sid ski through the G, generated and composited in AE 1:11 Designed baseball card and cyc, composited 1:14 Created this Network ID by playing with greenscreen pictures 1:18 composited nick@nite artwork. I like this one because I animated the crow's head-turn by playing with Ai file 1:21 AE compositing. I thought it would be cool to add film footage as it looks like a B-movie. Glad it aired this way 1:29 Created this Network ID by playing with greenscreen pictures - keyed everything for the rest of the studio too.
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