Lori gets it! Working with Lori is a pleasure as she is one of the rare artists that knows what the client wants before they realize it. It’s almost as if she’s done this before!
— Lucien Harriot, Executive Producer -Mechanism Digital
Lori is the complete package. She is a talented designer, willing collaborator and consummate professional. Once you’ve worked with Lori you’ll be eager to find the next project.
— Barbara Hennessy, VP Production - Tribe Pictures
I worked with her both as a team member and as her manager. Lori is a terrific animator and it was a pleasure to work with her on many projects at Nickelodeon. She is a fast and efficient animator who can bring to life any character or object. She’s excellent at bringing that little spark to each piece of animation making it really sing.
— Rob Kohr, Assoc. Animation Director - Nickelodeon
Lori is supremely talented and a joy to work with.
— Ian St. George Freeman, Creative Director - Hogarth Worldwide Inc.
Lori has spoiled me. She’s not only an unflappable and talented artist but has an unparalled depth of technical knowledge and experience that make her an invaluable asset to any creative team.
— Michael Chomet, Senior VP & Creative Director - Tribe Pictures