These are examples of off-screen, real life creations involving hands-on artistry

My metal shaping phase took form as a series I call, ”ALUMINESCENCE”.      Most Items have been sold.


 In the vast darkness of the deep sea, these creatures can help you navigate your way and give you a point of reference.  They might stand on their own as un-lit metal hanging sculptures, but are more excitingly transformed when illuminated.  This collection represents underwater species that exist, and yet to be discovered.

        To create them, I built a buck (a plywood mold for reference) to shape the aluminum around it as a guide. After annealing the flat metal sheets, I hammered them into shape, built a few muscles doing so. My husband, Yukio Hamasaki tig welded them together. I heard aluminum is hard to weld..
The final treatment of metal brushing, hand filing, and drilling holes to reveal internal light (representing bioluminescence) completes each one.
I chose to use metal to represent their durability. These species have lived 10s of millions of years.  I use light to represent their  bioluminescent nature.



This is my hand-sewn Hamasaki family crest creating of an art-show called "Off-Screen lll".
The show featured Nickelodeon artists creating off-duty art.
The prerequisite was that it must exist in a 37" circle.
This is my circle.
This is the flyer for the show.
This is the Hamasaki crest seen here on a custom flag made for my son when he was born.
I cut a circle (or something resembling one) from a window shade. Then I drew the design with marker as a guideline and painted the other side with some leftover latex house paint.
I carefully cut faux white leather into the pieces required, then hand stitched it onto the bamboo pushing the needle through where the slits allowed.



My husband Yukio converted the vector into metal cut-out using a CNC machine.